Tyler Campos

Tyler Campos


  • CrossFit Level 1


Growing up in East Chicago, I went to St. Stanislaus, Whiting High School, and graduated from Highland High School. I am currently attending Purdue University to get my bachelors in Dietetics and further my training career.

I started working out originally to lose weight, soon after I wanted to be more well rounded and found Crossfit.  The Crossfit community is a close knit of athletes working to be their very best.

I play basketball, baseball, softball, and bike to keep my competitive side alive.  I like to come in first and play my heart out to that end.

Crossfit is my passion and I plan on getting better with every passing day.  I go above and beyond and look for options of Crossfit gyms while I am on vacation!  Dedication and endurance to train in Crossfit is my passion.

I like traveling the world and working out!

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