Gina Trebiani

Gina Trebiani


I grew up in Dyer, Indiana but spent a good chunk of my adult life living in NYC. I’m no stranger to competition. I played sports for most of my childhood, and made the whimsical decision to pursue acting in NYC. Both things instilled a sense of drive in me that translates perfectly to CrossFit. I started doing CrossFit in 2019, but didn’t really start taking it seriously until 2021. I looked at myself in the mirror one day, and asked what was holding me back from getting in the best shape I could? The answer was simple. Me. So I dove in……and learned, and failed, and learned, and failed some more. I feel so deeply in love with the zen of lifting, the thrill of chasing someone’s time, or the excitement of cheering on my friends as they attempt to hit a PR.

I loved it so much, I ended up getting my L1 in 2022. So I could learn even more, and help out (and hopefully help inspire!) the community we have at Crossfit 219. I think it’s incredibly important to have people in your corner who will support you, but more importantly, push you out of your comfort zone. Iron sharpens iron. I aspire to be that as a coach, a member, athlete, and just general human. I also think it’s important to remember….this is supposed to be fun so why not instill a little bit of whimsy along the way as well.  I like to think of the gym as a stage, and we’re all just trying to hit our mark and have a good show.

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